A Look at the Most Popular Subreddits of the Year


The internet is vast and its user-generated content is constantly changing. Every year, some subreddits emerge as the most popular ones of the year. Subreddits are online communities that bring people together around a common interest, hobby, or topic. Reddit, the platform hosting these subreddits, has millions of users and has become a hub for internet users to share, learn and experience famous and niche topics from around the world.

This article will explore the top subreddits for the year, as determined by user engagement, interaction, and votes.

The Top 10 Most Popular Subreddits of the Year

1. r/AskReddit

This year, r/AskReddit continued to hold its title as the most popular subreddit. People submit questions and get a wide range of responses from the community. This subreddit covers everything from hypothetical questions to life experiences to burning existential questions.

2. r/news

r/news has always been a hub of activity, however, in the year of 2021, it received a considerable jump in users. r/news’s role in not just discussing news but also sharing varied perspectives and analysis brought it into such a high spot on the list

3. r/gifs

The subreddit r/gifs has been captivating the internet with its moving images that express emotions, humor and sometimes even information. Whether it's a sophisticated animation or an amusing image, r/gifs entertains millions daily.

4. r/worldnews

This year has been a pandemical year, the idea of what is happening around the world became important to people more than ever before. r/worldnews became essential to understanding the world around us, providing updates and in-depth analyses of global events as soon as they made the news.

5. r/Showerthoughts

r/Showerthoughts is famous for its users presenting profound realizations about life while going about their daily routines. This subreddit has become a platform for people to voice their internal introspections, thus making it a place to reflect on humanity’s innermost thoughts.

6. r/memes

On r/memes, people create and exchange funny visual memes, making it a place where humor meets creativity. With the pandemic settling in, people needed a way to find laughter again, and r/memes was a hub for that laughter.

7. r/todayilearned

r/todayilearned has become the amazing resource for trivia, making it a well-liked spot for people of all ages to learn and engage with one another. Its threads have expertly researched insight on a broad range of topics.

8. r/funny

Comedy is popular, and r/funny has become a symbolic representation of this internet culture. The subreddit featuring hilarious memes, amusing video clips and sharp statements, prompting timely laughs to its users.

9. r/science

r/science is a popular subreddit that encourages conversations on diverse scientific topics, making it a place for knowledge sharing on a global scale. Users can discuss new scientific discoveries, research findings, and developments in the field of science.

10. r/gaming

r/gaming is the sanctuary for gaming lovers across the globe, giving them an opportunity to explore video games in-depth, enriching their experience. It is a domain for game reviews, tips, and discussions about not only video games but also the gaming culture overall.

The Top Subreddits by Category

Sports Subreddits

Sports are a globally appreciated field, with Reddit’s subreddits covering most of the major and minor sports with the engagement of fans. Here are some of the top subreddits in the sports category:

Technology Subreddits

Technology continues to be a highly popular topic among Reddit’s wide range of users. Subreddits dedicated to the topic can help users stay up-to-date with trends in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Subreddits for Entertainment

With the pandemic settling in, people began to seek out different ways to entertain themselves while being cooped up indoors. Subreddits for entertainment became popular platforms for internet users looking for an escape in various forms of entertainment.


There are millions of users on Reddit, with thousands of subreddits that cater to every interest, topic, and hobby known to man. Some subreddits attract more attention than others, with topics ranging from news, science, sports, gaming, technology entertainment, and more. In summary, these are the top subreddits of the year, which Reddit users have faithfully visited, engaged with and enjoyed.

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