The Latest Viral Challenges Taking Over Social Media

Are you someone who loves to keep up with the latest trends on social media? Do you enjoy seeing people take part in challenges that make you laugh, inspire you or surprise you? If yes, then get ready because the latest viral challenges are here and they are taking over the internet by storm!

From TikTok to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, social media has become the perfect platform for people to connect, share and participate in various challenges. These challenges range from fun and harmless to downright bizarre and dangerous.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the latest viral challenges that have been making waves on social media. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a wild ride!

The Skull Breaker Challenge

Let's start with a challenge that has been causing serious concerns among parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals alike. The Skull Breaker Challenge, also known as the Tripping Jump Challenge, is a prank that involves three people standing in a row. The two people on the outside are supposed to jump at the same time, while the person in the middle jumps too but is unaware that the other two will sweep their feet from under them causing them to fall backwards.

The challenge, which started on TikTok, has gone viral and has resulted in several injuries, including concussions, broken bones, and even a fractured skull. While some people find this challenge humorous, there is no denying that it is incredibly dangerous and can lead to serious injury or even death.

Parents and teachers across the world are urging social media companies to ban this challenge and to educate young people about the dangers of participating in potentially harmful pranks.

The Flip the Switch Challenge

Now let's move on to a much more lighthearted challenge that has been entertaining social media users for months. The Flip the Switch Challenge, which started on TikTok, involves two people standing in front of a mirror while a song plays in the background. When the line "I just flip the switch" plays, the participants swap outfits and places while the lights are turned off and on.

The challenge has resulted in countless hilarious videos, with everyone from celebrities to politicians taking part in it. It has also inspired spin-off challenges, such as the Flip the Fin Challenge, which involves a person wearing a mermaid tail, and the Flip the Whip Challenge, which involves whipping hair around to another person.

The #DontRushChallenge

The #DontRushChallenge is a beauty challenge that has taken social media by storm. The challenge involves a group of people, mostly women, showing off their makeup-free faces and then, in a coordinated manner, applying makeup to their faces using brushes and other makeup tools.

The video is set to the tune of a popular song and each participant in the video passes a makeup brush to the next person until all participants have applied makeup to their faces. The challenge celebrates women of all ages and ethnicities and has inspired people to embrace their natural beauty.

The New Teacher Challenge

With schools closed around the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic, teachers have had to come up with creative ways to teach their students online. The New Teacher Challenge, which started on TikTok, involves teachers sharing videos of themselves in their home classrooms, dressed in costumes and using creative props to make learning fun.

The challenge has not only entertained students but has also inspired teachers everywhere to think outside the box when it comes to online learning. Who knows, maybe we will see more creativity in the classroom when schools finally reopen.

The Handstand Challenge

The Handstand Challenge is a fitness challenge that has been making rounds on social media. The challenge involves doing a handstand and then attempting to put a t-shirt on while in that position. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is not!

The challenge has resulted in some hilarious videos of people falling over or struggling to put a t-shirt on, but it has also inspired people to get off their couches and start working out. The challenge has become a way for people to stay fit and active while staying at home during the pandemic.

The Dating Game Challenge

Are you feeling lonely during lockdown and wanting to spice up your dating life? Well, the Dating Game Challenge might just be for you! The challenge involves three people who take on the roles of the bachelor or bachelorette and two potential suitors. Participants try to win the love of the bachelor or bachelorette by answering their questions.

The challenge has been a fun way for friends, couples and even celebrities to pass the time during lockdown. It has also inspired creative variations of the game, such as the Disney Character Dating Challenge, where people dress up as their favorite Disney characters and take on the roles of the bachelor or bachelorette.

The Quarantine Pillow Challenge

What do you get when you combine pillows and quarantine? The Quarantine Pillow Challenge, of course! The challenge involves people creating makeshift outfits out of their bedding, with their pillows strapped on their bodies and posing for a photograph.

The challenge has taken Instagram by storm with people all over the world participating in it. It has become a fun way to show off one's creative side and has even inspired fashion designers to create stylish pillow-inspired outfits.


These are just a few of the many viral challenges that have been taking over social media. While some challenges can be dangerous, others can be fun, inspiring, and even educational. They are a great way to express oneself, connect with others and spread positivity.

But it is also important to remember to use social media responsibly and to not participate in challenges that are harmful or illegal. As long as we use common sense and stay safe, viral challenges can continue to bring us joy and creativity even during tough times.

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