10 Viral TikTok Videos You Need to See Right Now

Are you tired of scrolling through your TikTok feeds and seeing the same types of videos over and over again? Well, don't worry because we've got you covered! We've gone out of our way to scour the depths of TikTok to bring you the top ten viral videos that you need to see right now!

1. The "Ratatouille" Musical

Have you heard of the "Ratatouille" musical that took TikTok by storm in December of 2020? With over 2.5 million views, this musical had humble beginnings as a collaborative effort between users and eventually caught the attention of actual Broadway producers. The musical's concept, songs, and costumes were all created by TikTok users, and it was even performed on TikTok live stream in January 2021!

2. The "Buss It" Challenge

Have you had the pleasure of seeing the "Buss It" challenge on your TikTok feed? This challenge had users changing outfits mid-video to the song "Buss It" by Erica Banks, and it all started in January 2021. The challenge quickly exploded in popularity as TikTokers all over the world posted videos of themselves spicing up their WFH routines!

3. The Skateboarding Dog

Are you a fan of cute dog videos? Then this one is for you! This pup named Apolo has become somewhat of an internet celebrity for his impressive skateboarding skills. With videos of him cruising down the street on his board, Apolo has gathered over one million followers and an incredible 15 million likes on TikTok!

4. The Dance Performance of "Dynamite"

Surely you've heard of the hit song "Dynamite" by BTS? Well, this dance performance by a group of four dancers has taken the song to new heights on TikTok. The group's choreography perfectly captures the upbeat nature of the song and their video has over 58 million views!

5. Stylish Influencers like Wisdom Kaye

Do you love fashion and the latest trends? Then you'll love to follow Wisdom Kaye on TikTok. Kaye is known for his stunning fashion choices and in-depth fashion analysis videos. He dishes out fashion tips and tricks while also giving his viewers a peek into his daily life, fashion shoots, and travels. He's quickly amassed over 3 million followers on the app and is a must-follow for fashionistas.

6. The "Wipe It Down" Challenge

Have you ever seen a wipe transform someone's look? The "wipe it down" challenge has users wiping down a mirror to reveal a new outfit, hairdo, or makeup look. This challenge went viral in May 2020 and has since racked up over two billion views! You're sure to find some of the most creative transformations on this challenge.

7. The "Renaissance Painting" Challenge

This TikTok challenge involves users recreating iconic Renaissance paintings, and it can be pretty impressive. With the help of props, make-up, and sometimes computer editing, TikTokers take us through different historical time periods in these short videos. Some of the more popular creations from this challenge include "Girl with a Pearl Earring" and "Venus de Milo".

8. The "Renegade" Dance Challenge

Who could forget the "Renegade" dance craze that took TikTok by storm in early 2020? This dance challenge began on TikTok's "For You" page and quickly became the app's most popular challenge. It involved a specific sequence of dance moves set to the song "Lottery (Renegade)" by K Camp, and soon had everyone jumping on the bandwagon, including celebrities like Lizzo and Charli D'Amelio.

9. The "Rising Up" Challenge

Many TikTok trends come and go, but the "rising up" challenge has proven to have staying power. The challenge involves leaping into the air and freezing mid-air while the camera moves around you. The effect can be surreal and mesmerizing, and it's no wonder the trend has over 19 billion views!

10. The "Oh No" Challenge

Wrapping up our list is the hilarious "Oh No" challenge. This challenge has users performing stunts, pranks, or ridiculous acts and then immediately transitioning to the song "Oh No" by Kreepa to reveal the aftermath. The song's high-pitched "oh no" is hilarious and fits perfectly with the various antics showcased in these videos.


And that's it, folks! Ten viral TikTok videos that you absolutely need to see right now. From musicals to dancing challenges, to cute pups and fashion influencers, these videos are sure to brighten up your day and make you feel connected to the latest trends online. So, what are you waiting for? Start scrolling and let the good times roll.

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